Daily Dose of Affirmation

Be positive always

Be Inspired..!!

Each day you can journey from your Alpha (it begins with you) to your Omega, which in the teachings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, is the point within each of us where our inner spiritual nature meets our outer worldly nature.

It is with this thought I bring to you daily dose of affirmations for your mind and soul. An affirmation a day, keeps the therapist away!!! Here are your affirmations for today :

  • I am powerful, beautiful and unstoppable.
  • My worth is not defined by another person.
  • I choose happiness and happiness chooses me.
  • I create a life I love.
  • I don’t apologise for being me.

Have a empowering day ahead.

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A ray of hope when you feel down.

Don’t write yourself out.

You may be going through alot right now, probably a breakup, disappointments, family pressure, trying to overcome an addiction, going through a divorce etc

But in all of these, don’t forget that God has not finished writing your story. Yo

You can still get back on track and fulfill purpose, because your life is hid in Him.

Watch this video and be blessed. Much love 😘


To master the art of dealing with pain, you have to prepare your mind for anything.. Literally, anything can happen, things change, people change, situation changes. Change is constant. And hurt is inevitable. So prepare for it; if it comes, you’ll be ready, if it doesn’t, you’ll be happier

Practical ways to heal cont.

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In continuation from where we left off..

Apart from admitting you’re hurt and talking to someone, you should give yourself TIME TO HEAL: do not rush the process, get busy with other things, and you will see yourself gradually healing. Time they say heals all wounds, whatever you’re going through, know that it’s not permanent, this too shall pass.

Hang in there you’ll be fine, ok.


To the person that is the listener, a friend, colleague or a support to the person that is hurting. You need to understand that there’s a lot going through Thier mind. They may seem distant as some point, or even irritable

Do not judge them at the moment or conclude or even cut them short if they are talking to you . Listen with empathy, even if you don’t have the solution. The fact that you are there to listen is a big deal for them.

Show a little kindness,

Be a shoulder one can lean on.

Be the light that brightens the world around you. Yes! Everyone has troubles but you will even feel better knowing that you helped lift a burden off someone.

Speak to someone today! Listen to someone today. No judgement, no hard feelings.

Much love #mess2message


So many people get into depression because of so much bottled up emotions. They carry the hurt everywhere, transfer agression thereby making them difficult to love, and some others just turn into a shadow of themselves.

Stay with me, let’s talk!

You see that pain you’re feeling. It can go away if you intentionally work towards it.
It’s all in your mind. We attract what we constantly focus on.
Focus on the pain, you attract more pain, focus on the bright side of life, you attract light. It’s that simple.

The first step in healing is ACCEPTANCE.

YES! accept that it hurts, accept that you/ the other person messed up, accept that life has played you.
It’s ok to cry if you want. Let it all out 💦💦

Then, after that TALK ABOUT IT

Vocalize it. Not just saying it in your head.
Talk to someone. If you don’t trust anyone around you at the moment, go anonymous and talk to people online or offline talk to strangers (it works, but you have to be careful though, speak to credible people). You can also talk to God. He always Come through.

Say how it is in your heart, don’t hide the pain and pretend everything is ok. Yes, it’s a moment of vulnerability, but it’s a major step towards healing.
When you talk to someone, a burden Is lifted off and then solutions starts coming in.

Trust me. There’s no problem without solution. If the physical doesn’t work. We take it to the Holy Spirit 🔥🔥. He knows how to fix everything .


Search for that Ray of hope, that one thing that makes sense in your Life, and be grateful for it. Celebrate it, keep calling it forth. Stay in that euphoria until all the pain goes away.
And trust me IT WILL!

if you ever need someone to talk to I’m always here for you.

to be continued in the next post…

Much love 💕💕


I had written this in my diary years ago. And was a bit reluctant to let it out. But on a second thought, Its good you know I didn’t just arrive here, I was worked on. Mess can be turned into messages .

Growing up I wasn’t so confident, from insecurities, to bullying In school, to almost raped encounters I had as a child.
Most times I felt down, broken, confused, sad, delusional. Times when I could only speak out in my head, I was my own buddy because only me gets me, I felt like no one else understood me, or maybe they would be quick to judge, so most times I hid in my shell and let alot slide. Many times I let people make decisions for me because I was confused and indecisive, and I couldn’t state my concerns. So, some people took advantage of that fact to emotionally bully me.
Many won’t understand because I always use the “I’m fine” default answer, but there was a Battle inside of me, and at some point it took a toll on me. 

And then I realized that there are some things you need to speak up about to be able to get past them. You just need to confide in someone, so you can get peace, solace and advice..

I started talking to God, because I had trust issues with people, I wrote in my diary and most times cried to God things I can’t speak to anyone.

My First messed up relationship and heartbreak where I was emotionally abused, God was there all the way. Because I opened my heart to him he started taking away the pain, I also spoke to a woman in the radio, since she doesn’t know me, I felt safe and unjudged and then I realized that talking to people really help reduce the burden because most of these issues looked so big and depressing when in my head, but as soon as I let it out I found out I was just over thinking..

So I began changing, loving and appreciating myself more, not feeling less of myself when people say or do mean things to me. I had strength of character, not to be easily swayed by influences, I realized I had friends and family I could actually rely on and be open to. Public speaking wasn’t a problem anymore because I’ve learnt to voice out my concerns even in the slightest discomfort.
I grew in grace and elegance. These changes took a while to get used to, but once you’ve put your mind on something, it definitely can be achieved..

What life taught me in this process is that

When you keep quiet over everything, it eats you up inside and destroys your potential.
It’s not everyone you can or should talk to, because if you’re broken and talk to a broken person you will make things worse. Talk to God, talk to people you know you can trust for good counsel, talk to family.

2. Do not be scared of change: that was one of my fears, I was uncertain what will come with change so I didn’t want it much. Change is actually a beautiful thing, irrespective of what comes with it.

What I’m trying to say is that you should always try to reach out to people for help, when you’re confused, scared, or in a dilemma. God uses people to speak, so he could be talking to you through one of these people. If you feel you don’t trust your friends or are afraid of being judged by family. Then talking to strangers always does the magic. I did it and it worked for me, but when talking to strangers be sure to have listened to the person speaking and try to decipher if he/she is worth confiding in. And also start off using discrete questions like “a friend of mine is going through …”

This was how I evolved and I’m still changing, moulding to be the woman God had in mind when he was creating me… A woman of purpose!

Feel free to reach out if you want to talk about anything. I’m a great listener and I’m always here for you. This was intentional because of you.

Much love, God bless you and have a lovely week.


Wanna Read Something Deep?

Love isn’t only circumstantial, it is a decision to stay in this euphoria, even with the flaws of the other person.
Love is a choice.

Be Inspired..!!

Have you ever heard a song a couple times and enjoyed it or whatever but then you hear it again and you think “damn this is the best song I’ve ever heard.” like you already knew it existed but for some reason it really hits you that one time and you’re like wow I wanna hear it again. So, you play it again and you think you’re gonna play it once more but then you play it again and again and again. You fall in love with the beat. You will fall in love with the rhythm. You fall in love with the lyrics and everything about it. You can’t get enough of it. It’s constantly in your head and all you want is that song. I think that’s what it’s like to fall in love. You know about that person for a while but one day something about them…

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In simple words, contentment means “being satisfied with what you have”.

It doesn’t mean you can’t wish to have more, or you wont work hard to get more, it simply means being thankful for what you have, and appreciate it, while working to get more, without pressure or anxiety.

Growing up, my parents taught me to always be content with what i have, we didn’t have everything, but they taught us discipline to manage and appreciate what we had. They even made a rule: “if you don’t want to eat what mum prepared, you buy your meal with your own money, or stay hungry” the second option was not even an option, so we learnt some skills.

My elder ones worked and did some small businesses, approved by my parents. Of course, You can’t spending money they don’t know the source. Me being the last learnt to use my charm to get stuffs from my mum, and when i was of age, i worked a little just before i got Into the university.

They allowed this not because they can’t provide for us, but to teach us to be independent, and up until now, if i can’t afford a thing, id rather not bother myself about it or get so worked up over it. Its called Contentment.

I have learnt to work for whatever i desire, of course some things come as favours. Which is even sweeter 😋. But, the point is, even with the peer pressure and societal trends, im not bothered if I can’t afford the latest stuffs at some point, because i always believe i am getting there, and i put up a strong lady attitude, never to be caught unfresh 😎.

So long you are not in the same place you were yesterday/ last year etc, you are making progress. Celebrate your little wins, and trust me, no one can talk you down.

Contentment is a natural confidence booster, as long as you don’t compare yourself with others.

#be content#behappy#neverbecaughtunfresh


Dear Me,

Since April 1st, Ive been on a ten day Kindness challenge and it has warranted me to do alot of things from, a simple cheerful smile, to gifting people around me, and calling people I’ve not spoken to in a long time.. indeed this challenge brought alot of nostalgia and made me realize its the little things in life that actually matters alot.

People are going through alot and it’s little acts of kindness that help to make life easier for them..

So today being the 10th day, im going to write a little love note to myself. So i can read and blush once in a while 😉.

Dear Lucy Nkechi Akabueze,

In less than 24 hours you’ll be a year older, and its amazes me how your have been able to handle and coordinate yourself even without supervision, you can go solo and you’ll do just Fine. Indeed you’re a manager 🤓

You have grown, so strong emotionally that sometimes i wonder if this is that girl of years back that would sulk and cry over one bad comment, or would panic and fret in a difficult situation. You have surely grown a thick skin, and developed courage and calmness over time.

You are beautiful, sexy, wife material 💯 yards.. and you have all it takes to achieve your dreams.

I’m proud of you, I Love you, and Im so excited of your glorious future. You’re going global baby girl!

Keep being Original, because there is no one like you.

Much love.